In computing, a plugin is a set of software components that adds specific capabilities to a larger software application.

WordPress offers virtually effortless site creation with its powerful and easy to use browser based back-end (Dashboard). Using the Dashboard you can download, install and implement Plugins. These guys bring unbelievable power to your site and better yet the majority of them are free!

Traditional site design becomes time consuming and expensive when the site goes beyond a billboard. Fortunately, WordPress features Plugins which can instantly bring this same level of sophistication. Literally thousands of solutions have been developed to accomplish anything you can imagine. So instead of hiring a firm to create your vision simply install a free Plugin which will instantly have you up and running.

Here’s a few Plugins categories:

  • Ad presentation and management
  • Contact form
  • Event calendar
  • Image presentation and management
  • Industry specific content and functionality
  • Search engine indexing
  • Social network integration

Together with Themes you can leave the billboard behind and realize your vision. We can help with the selection, customization and implementation. To get started contact us.


A unifying or dominant idea, motif, etc., as in a work of art.

By installing a Theme WordPress will exceed your vision.  You can instantly create your site’s desired look and feel with a few clicks of your mouse. Thousands of Themes are available with the majority of them being free. You can even audition multiple Themes (at the same time) to make sure you found the perfect fit.

If by chance your vision is oh so close we can help. By designing a Theme from scratch, modifying an existing Theme which can still be upgraded going forward while maintaining your changes, or even helping with the process of selecting your perfect Theme.